Self-Publishing a Book: Part One


All of these glorious story ideas are buzzing around in your head. The only way to escape? You must write them down. But how? Right now it’s not making sense. There’s little flickers of scenes and characters that keep repeating themselves, but what order do they go in? What led them there?

In this series of posts, we’re going to go through every step of publishing a book. From the writing process, to editing, cover choice, formatting, and then where and how to publish. This guide will assist in gaining footing as an indie author and keeping it.

With that in mind, the writing process is up first. Let’s begin!

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Deus ex Machina: Plot Devices to Avoid


Sometimes while we’re tied up in our characters (or tying up our characters), lost in our plot, and furiously racing to the end of our stories, we don’t realize that somewhere along the way…we’ve hit a wall.

That terrifying, mile-high wall blocking the story that us writers stare open-mouthed gaping at. But, the wall stares back, demanding to know: “What’s next?”

Today we’re going to talk about what to avoid when we reach that wall. The devices that serve to weaken the intricate plots we’ve worked so hard to create. Let’s begin!

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Post Mortem: The Whispers of Rings


I’d like to take some time today to talk about my personal journey in writing The Whispers of Rings. I had a lot of triumphs and setbacks with this tale and it took four years for me to see it to a completion that I was happy with.

Spoiler Warning: Please be advised, if you have not read the book, I’m going to be talking about about the plot a LOT in this entry.

With that in mind, feel free to share my bag of popcorn and let’s begin.

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