Figure Review: Phat! Company’s 1/7 Jibril from No Game No Life

I’ve made mention of it before, but I adore Japanese culture. From anime and video games, to figures and garage kits, I collect them all. In fact, if you have a My Figure Collection account, you should friend me here!

For the first of (hopefully) many figure reviews, we’ll be starting with one of my favorite anime characters of all time: Jibril. I’ve been waiting for this figure for over a year and I’m head-over-heels happy with her. Let’s begin!

No Game No Life originated as a 9-part light novel series in Japan in 2012, written by Yu Kamia. In 2014, he and his wife adapted it into an anime that debuted later that year. More information can be found on the Wikipedia page.

Jibril is a Flugel, a speices of ancient, war-thirsty angels with an obsession for literature and a constant craving for knowledge. Jibril is witty, smart, and has a wicked streak a mile long. I fell in love with her as soon as she was introduced.

This month, Phat! Company, an associate of the well-known Good Smile Company, released a 1/7 scale version of Jibril, and she did not disappoint. The sculpt is based on the following art:

When I received the package, I was surprised by how large her box is. I read on MFC that the average shipping cost for just her was $40. But, since she was included with a few other figures in this purchase, I had assumed the quantity is what drove the price of shipping up.

She wasn’t difficult to assemble, unlike Phat!’s Chiaki scale, which was a nightmare. The intuitive designs for her hand, head and hair made it easy to swap the pieces out for more photos. As soon as everything was out of the box, I noticed two very important things.

All of these books:

And her GIGANTIC base:

Petit Nendo Miku for scale. That base is as big as my dinner plates. I wondered if the size was overkill, but when I had her all set up, I realized that her hair extends to the edges.

I am extremely impressed with the level of detail and the paint job on this figure. No Game No Life has a very bright, colorful aesthetic for both its world and its characters. Phat! did an excellent job with their 1/7 Shiro, and their quality on Jibril is stunning. Included are 15 books that can be stacked to your heart’s content, and an adorable, tiny Shiro that matches the rest of the mini characters from Shiro’s previous scale figure.

One of my favorite parts about this figure is her outfit. I didn’t realize the skirt was cast transparent, and it gives the whole piece another layer of depth. Her wings were sculpted in two different positions, and the curve of her back is fantastic! Her hair weaving in and out of her wings and skirt made for a gorgeous and organic design.

I love her expression. Nothing makes me happier than a good book, so I relate to this face.

I really like the shadow that her halo casts onto her hair.

Her tattoos that thematically echo her shirt are very sharp and clean. No blemishes or smudging to be found. The transition from red to orange on her leg is blended perfectly. Her hair is free of moldlines and her bangs connect to her scalp seamlessly.

As she is an angel of death, they included an alternate face plate, black halo, and an alternate hand holding a skull.

It’s really difficult to decide which way to pose her!

Her tongue is the only thing I’m not completely satisfied with. The shading is light – nearly non-existent – and I didn’t realize she was sticking it out until I was up close to her taking photos. But, that’s me being extremely nitpicky. Both faces have so much expression and offer great display options.

Overall, I give this figure a 9/10. The shading on the “evil” mouth doesn’t feel as realized as her reading expression. The size of the base is going to make it incredibly difficult to display her with the other two Shiro figures in a Detolf cabinet, and eventually next to Shuvi and Stephanie. Even with acrylic stands and a dream.

Everything else I adore about her and I’m so happy to own this figure.

As this is my first figure review, I would love your feedback! What did you like? What would you like to see more of for my next figure review?

Until next time!



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